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Enjoy the convenience of meals that have been prepared just for you with only premium ingredients and your nutritional goals in mind. We update our menus weekly, offering a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals to choose from. To get started on your meal plan, select either two meals or three meals per day (5 days per week), and if you would liked to be billed weekly, monthly or quarterly. Once you create your account, you can always mix-and-match your meals from any menu, regardless of your plan. Plus, add as many meals as you wish!

The Paleo Meal Plan was developed for those who follow the Paleolithic diet. It has quickly become one of our most popular meal plans due to the many health benefits and weightless potential of eating a grain-free / dairy-free diet.

The Vegetarian Meal Plan was developed to celebrate the wide variety of fresh produce that we have seasonally in South Florida. So often we find that vegetables are just a culinary afterthought, but our Vegetarian Meal Plan makes them the star!

The Fit Meal Plan was created to deliver a healthy, balanced diet. Each Meal contains a lean protein, healthy carbohydrate, fresh vegetables and a garnish. The Fit Meal Plan is perfect for anyone that enjoys healthy meals to pair with their active lifestyle.