How It Works

Sign Up

Click here to enter our registration form and sign up for our service. You will need to provide your basic personal information, like email, name and phone number. You will also specify your preferred delivery address, but you can always add more addresses or edit this selection later.

Plan Selection

Click here to read about our three meal plans. When you select your meal plan, you are choosing the default diet you would like to follow while using our service. However, you are always free to customize your meal selections and to choose other meals from within the other plans.

Meal Delivery

Once you have customized your weekly menu to your liking, your selections will automatically be saved to our system. The next step is waiting for our delivery, which occurs twice a week on Monday and Thursday for South Florida customers. The first delivery includes meals for three days while the second delivery includes meals for the last two days of the week. We stagger the delivery in this way in order to guarantee the freshness of our food.