How It Works

After you have successfully made your first meal order on Farm to Fork, you will be able to access your Meal Calendar.

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The following information is a simple guide on how to use and manage your meals. From the image below we have numbered important sections that you will become familiar with.

1. My Meals

After placing an order you will be able to access the Meal Plan Calendar, this can be done by clicking the ‘My Meals’ link in the top menu.

2. Meal Order Overview

The meal order overview gives you an overview of your current Meal Plan selection.

For example, in this case, the customer has chosen the Vegetarian meal plan, 2 meals per day, amounting to 10 meals per week.
Status is set to active. Which means the customer wants to receive meals for the upcoming week.

3. Date and Order Total

This section is a continuation of the Meal Order Overview, it displays when the order was first created and the next amount to be billed. Note, that if you customize your meals or change your meal plan options this amount will change.

FAQ:  How is the total determined:
((Number of meals x 10.95) + tax + shipping) – applied discounts.

4. Customize Meals

This is where all the magic happens. Click this button to customize your meal menu for the upcoming week. 

I can’t see my menu, all I see is “New Menu Pending”.
Answer: This is because you have up until 12 PM on Friday to make your selections. After 12PM we start to prepare the meals for the upcoming week.

FAQ: When can I customize my menu?
Answer: We promise fresh menus every week and takes some planning. We aim to have our new menus available every Wednesday, sometimes sooner.

FAQ: What if I don’t customize my meals?
Answer: You will receive the default selections for your Meal Plan Options.

5. Meal Plan Options

By clicking this button, a modal window will drop down allowing you to edit your Meal Plan. You will be able to change your whole Meal Plan. And number of meals per day.
For example, you could change from a Vegetarian Meal Plan to a Fit Meal Plan and change the meal plans from 2 per day to 3.

FAQ: What happens to my current meals when I change plan?
Answer: Your meals will be replaced by the default meals of the plan you choose. You will be able to further customize the meals by click Customize Meals.

FAQ: When can I change my meal plan?
Answer: You will be able to change your meal plans before the cut-off time, Friday 12 PM. They system will not show this button and the pause button after the cut-off.

6. Pause Meal Plan

Need a break for a week? No problem. Simply pause your menu. Your meals will be paused for the upcoming week. In the meal plan overview, you will notice the Statushas changed to Paused.

FAQ: Why does my account say $0.01?
Answer: To keep your weekly subscription active with our payment gateway we need to set your amount to 0.01. This saves you having to make the order again.

7. Add New Meal Plan

Feeling hungry? Simply add a new meal plan. If you have the need for more than 15 meals per week, this is option allows you to add extra meal plans. You will be able to choose your meal plan as before.

This is great for families or teams too. By adding a new meal plan you still have individual control over your calendar as well as pausing. Note you can pause any calendar you like.

FAQ: How do I go back to one meal plan?
Answer: The system allows you to delete an extra meal plan, simply hit the delete button and confirm.