How It Works

Farm to Fork Meals is a weekly prepared-meal delivery service. You can select to receive either two or three fully prepared meals per day, with prices ranging from $9.95 to $11.95 per meal based on your chosen payment option (quarterly, monthly or weekly). The menus vary from week to week, so you will always have fresh, healthy, and varied meals delivered right to your door with no need to cook. Our meals are fully prepared, meaning that you just have to heat and eat!

When you first sign up, you will select from one of three Meal Plans that focus on specific diets: Paleo, Vegetarian and Fit. This Meal Plan will determine the default selections for your weekly menu, but you can always customize your selections as outlined below. In order to better understand how the meal delivery system works, please read the following list of steps that outlines the process from start to finish:

  1. Sign Up

    Click here to enter our registration form and sign up for our service. You will need to provide your basic personal information, like email, name and phone number. You will also specify your preferred delivery address, but you can always add more addresses or edit this selection later.

  2. Make Meal Plan Selection

    Click here to read about our three meal plans. When you select your meal plan, you are choosing the default diet you would like to follow while using our service. However, you are always free to customize your meal selections and to choose other meals from within the other plans.

  3. View Your Weekly Menu

    Before we deliver your meals, we allow you to review them in the form of a Weekly Menu. Weekly menus are available for browsing between Monday at 8pm EST and Saturday at 12pm EST. During this time period you may visit the My Meals section of your user dashboard to view, edit, or add to your weekly order. If you visit the My Meals page outside of this time window, you will be notified simply to come back as soon as that week's menu is ready for review.

    MORE DETAIL: How are the menus developed? Each week, the staff at Farm to Fork curates a "default" meal schedule for each of the three Meal Plans. This includes default selections for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, for all 5 days of the week. While we believe these selections provide good variety and should often be adequate, you can always login to change the meal selections if there is a particular dish you would like to swap out. When you want to swap a meal, you simply press the "swap" button and you will be given many other options to choose from, including meals from all three meal plans.

  4. Receive Meal Delivery

    Once you have customized your weekly menu to your liking, your selections will automatically be saved to our system. The next step is waiting for our delivery, which occurs twice a week on Monday and Thursday. The Monday delivery includes meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wedneseday, while the Thursday delivery includes meals for Thursday and Friday. We stagger the delivery in this way in order to guarantee the freshness of our food.

  5. Add Another Meal Plan

    Do you have a spouse or loved one that also wants to join? You don't need seperate accounts! Simply log in to your Dashboard and select the "Add Meal Plan" option. You will be guided through the process from that point, and your weekly billing will be updated to reflect the new plan selection.

  6. Pause Meal Plan

    Will you be out of town next week, or eating out a lot for work? You can always choose to Pause your meal plan delivery for the following week by pressing the large Pause button at the top of your "My Meals" page.